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I had neck pain for an entire month. The pain made me cry and I couldn’t sleep. Most nights I just slept for one or two hours. I was introduced to the Neck Massager. After using them for ten days, I felt much better, the pain was almost gone! I am able to sleep now! Love the Neck Massager! Thank you very much!     - Kevin L.

We all love the Neck Massager! My husband had spine hernia and often felt pain, no matter if he was working or resting. After using external electrode pads of the neck massager on the pain area for a couple of days, he didn't have pain anymore. He introduced it to his good friend who has the same problems. His friend really loved it and used it until the battery used out. My mother-in-law loved to use it too. She had bone spurs and osteophytes, a common form of degeneration for elder people. She stuck the pads to anywhere she felt pain and had this massage and heat treatment for 30 minutes every day. She told me that it helped a lot. It is very useful to have it for personal care at home.     -Amy A.

I also have headaches, difficulty focusing, double vision, and other eye symptoms. My Ophthalmologist introduced me to use the Eye Massager for eyestrain. After I used it every day after work for days, my eyes relaxed and the symptoms were gone. I also liked the warm pad and music. I am very happy I have a good helper for my eyes now. My job hurts my eyes and the eye massager helps my eyes come back to normal,great! I will keep using it! Thank you.   - Taylor S

My daughter has myopia and used the eye massager for one month, she was very happy to tell me she can clearly see the words on the white board in the classroom. She used to have glasses at 2.0 degree, now she needs to see her doctor to change the glasses because she felt discomfort and dizziness while she wore them. It is a good sign! Hopefully she one day doesn’t have to wear glasses!    -William D..

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