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Neck Massager Details

Characteristics of KAISHUO Neck Massager

  1. Conforms to the neck curve with 3D smart fitting according to the ergonomics design
  2. Carries on the electrical pulse acupuncture massage to the many parts of body
  3. Built-in two-piece pair of functional electrical pulse conductive electrode
  4. Magnetic therapy
  5. Constant temperature
  6. Far infrared hyperthermia
  7. Wireless remote control
  8. Cordless and chargeable

Effects of Neck Massager:

    1. To restore the normal physiological structure of the cervical spine (curvature), to achieve the role of traction reduction, change cervical instability, relieve or eliminate bone hyperplasia.
    2. To reduce edema, inflammation, improve cerebral insufficiency.
    3. To relieve nerve pain.
    4. To improve the sleep status, increase the depth of sleep.
    5. To maintain healthy all-round adjustment of cervical vertebrae and surrounding tissue function.
    6. To relax nerves, promote blood circulation, enhance brain support, and relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle soreness, migraine.
    7. To improve insomnia, mental debility, strengthen the mind, energy.
    8. To improve tension, and refresh mental state.
    9. To improve immunity, improve sub-health, enhance physical resistance.
    10. To improve the liver qi stagnation caused by dry skin, dull, long spot and other skin defects.
    11. To prevent stiff shoulders, cervical spondylitis.

Product effectiveness and role

The effect of Neck Massager on deep tissue and bone tissue is remarkable. It can effectively improve blood circulation of bone marrow, nerve root, vertebral artery and other tissues, and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which is beneficial to functional recovery (low frequency electrotherapy has better effect on superficial tissue pain such as muscle spasm).

Besides the release of electrical pulses, the product can also release electromagnetic waves to the location of their own transmission through the neck reflex grading, detoxification and stimulation to achieve the promotion of metabolism and muscle relaxation.

In addition, the product's far-infrared hyperthermia and magnetic therapy can rapidly improve local blood circulation, promote metabolism, and eliminate local aseptic inflammation. It can relieve the soft tissue adhesion of neck and shoulder joints, effectively restore the normal physiological function of cervical spine and related tissues, relieve pain of neck and shoulder, swelling, numbness and so on.

It can also effectively relieve neck stiffness, pain, neck movement limited, heavy shoulders, muscular hardening, upper limb weakness, numbness of the fingers, limb skin sensation, hand grip sometimes unconsciously fall, headache, dizziness, visual impairment, tinnitus, nausea and other cervical spondylitis symptoms.


Please, read the instructions carefully before use!

  1. If you have a heart pacemaker and any metal brackets, do not use this product!
  2. If you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, please use the heating function for 30 minutes first, and then strengthen the intensity of the cervical massage instrument!
  3. People with high blood pressure, please use it when you have normal blood pressure! Do not use when blood pressure is rising!
  4. If you are pregnant, do not use!
  5. In every use, dampen the two magnetic pieces and neck by using a wet towel!
  6. 6 kinds of models can be freely used, 12 scales levels are gradually increase intensity from low to high, itchy and numb feeling is normal. If there is too much tingling, please lower the scales level and the strength, slowly adapt, and gradually increase scales until you feel comfortable! (* It is absolutely not conductive, the charging current is very low. Generally the product is safe after the strict quality assurance inspection.)
  7. If you have serious cervical spine problems, please, consult your doctor before use!

Method to use: 1-2 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time.